Custom Alaska Photography Tours

PT_migrationAlaska Photography Tours

Alaska is truly a photographer’s dream, and it really does not get any better than Prince William Sound! The plethora of wildlife combined with the glaciated coastal fjords truly create some epic photography and videography opportunities. We realize the unique opportunities available here, and over the years we have helped amateurs, professionals, and production companies all capture incredible footage from this corner of the globe! We can customize just about any type and length of trip in order to include as many species as you desire. We have a fleet of boats for assistance, & a vast knowledge of when-where-& how to find the best photo subjects available. Let us show you what the real Alaska is all about in our favorite place on earth- our own backyard!

Let professional photographer and captain Tim Bouchard bring you to his hot spots.  With 10 years of experience in PWS, Tim knows where to go to get you the images you are looking for.   We have lots of options for shorebirds, birds of prey, whales, bears, and landscapes.

Either email or call Tim today to discuss what the options are for your next Alaskan Adventure.