Fishing in Valdez Alaska – Halibut and Salmon


Salmon Fishing

Valdez and Prince William Sound boasts one of the strongest Silver Salmon runs in the state. Salmon fishing in Valdez Alaska during the end of July and the start of August is unbeatable! Saltwater charters for Silvers consistently produce limits of dime bright ocean-fresh fish that are hard to beat by any standards.  This is a great family friendly trip in an amazing setting of the rugged glacier capped Chugach Mountains as the background.  Most of the salmon fishing in Valdez Alaska is done in protected bays and makes for very calm seas and a great fishing experience.

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halibut_54Halibut and Ling Cod  Fishing

Our day trips for halibut are an angler’s dream and on many angler’s bucket list when visiting Alaska. Valdez halibut fishing does not only have the possibility of hooking into world-class halibut, but also huge trophy ling cod and rock fish.

Valdez is known for large halibut! Derby winners tip the scales at almost 300 lbs each year!  Not everyone will catch the derby winner though, the average fish comes in around 25 pounds, but a large portion are 50 pounds and over. Also, it is not uncommon to come home with multiple fish tipping the scales at 100 pounds. Our day trips are a full day adventure, leaving at 6:00 am and returning at 6:00 pm.

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